What is The Travel Method?

Travel and Packing Guides for the Modern Traveler

The Travel Method is a collection of travel and packing guides for the modern traveler from first-hand experience.

We are a husband and wife team that collectively have visited over forty countries and traveled full-time together for over three years.

Experiencing new places and making memories is why so many of us travel. However, travel itself, when you factor in all the planning, logistics, and unforeseen circumstances, can be super stressful.

Our tips and guides, drawing on years of experience traveling all over the world, can help you plan better and travel smarter. If you have the right equipment, plan well, and proactively try to prepare for potential challenges, your trip should run much smoother. That frees you up to actually have a good time!

In addition, we also work closely with local writers and travel enthusiasts from particular countries. As locals, they can offer far more valuable insight into traveling to their home country than someone who, for example, only spent a couple of weeks there.


Dale Johnson

Dale is a writer and graphic designer who has traveled to and lived in over thirty countries to date, and traveled full-time for over three years. During that time, he also co-ran and organized retreats for digital nomads in several different countries.

This firsthand experience of not only traveling himself, but organizing travel experiences for others, opened his eyes to many of the challenges that come with travel.

Doina Johnson

Doina Johnson has traveled full-time for over three years and to over thirty countries. She writes on a number of travel-themed topics for the Travel Method and travel and food-themed topics for a number of other publications.


Roxana Fanaru

Roxana is a journalist who has lived in Italy for over two decades and travels frequently around Europe. She has written for various publications in the lifestyle and travel niche and is a seasoned solo traveler.

Ana Perusquia

Ana Perusquia is a content writer from Mexico City. She has worked extensively on our Mexico-specific content, including our packing list and tips for traveling to Mexico.

Nandhini Parthib

Nandhini Parthib is an Indian content writer who is deeply passionate about Indian culture, travel, and cuisine. Her expert insight can be found in our India-specific content, including our packing list and tips for traveling to India.