Essential Flight Booking Tips to Help You Save Time and Money

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Use these flight booking tips to help you get the best deals and value for money when booking. All these tips are easy to follow and could save you money, along with avoiding a few headaches when booking flights.

Flight Booking Tips and Tricks (list of ten from the article)

Check several aggregators

Often, one will find routes another won’t return in their results and vice versa. You can check out our list of flight booking sites to get started.

Go direct for some airlines

Remember that some airlines don’t show up in aggregators. Southwest Airlines is a good example of this, so be sure to do a quick search of the area to see what airlines operate there.

Book early, but not too early

A good general rule of thumb is 1-3 months in advance for domestic flights and 2-8 months for international flights.

Travel on the cheapest, least crowded days

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are generally considered the cheapest days to travel. Friday and Sunday are considered the most expensive days.

Avoid peak travel months

In North America and Europe, flying from mid-June through to mid-August is very expensive. Holidays such as Christmas and New Year should also be avoided is possible.

In addition, be sure to Google the dates you’re going to a place to make sure there isn’t a large international event or a public holiday, such as Comic-Con in San Diego or St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

Join an airline’s miles or rewards program

Make sure you enter your rewards number when you book the flight. It’ll take a little effort to keep track, but it will be worth it in the long run once the points have accumulated.

Have your booking credit or debit card at check-in

Be sure to have the credit or debit card you used to book the flight with you at check-in. In some countries, they do checks, such as in Peru. I once got turned away at check-in for my flight from Lima to Cusco because of this one time. While I managed to get on the flight in the end, it was a stressful experience that could have been avoided.

Get a credit card with airline perks

Some credit cards give you special perks like free checked luggage on some airlines. Check if your credit card does that, and book the flight using the credit card that gives you the most perks.

Account for time to check bags between connecting flights

If you have a stopover in the US, remember to account for the fact you’ll have to collect your checked bags and clear customs before getting on your next connecting flight.

Double-check luggage limit

Always check how many checked bags you are allowed to bring, as it varies from airline to airline.

If you need additional bags, always pay ahead of time

It’s generally cheaper to prepay for luggage online than to pay for it at the airport on the day of your flight. An extra suitcase on a Southern China flight from Seoul once set me back an extra $50.

Bring paper proof of purchases and add-ons

When it comes to lesser-known and/or domestic airlines, try to, if possible, bring paper proof of purchases and add-ons. Due to their scale, sometimes they don’t operate as technologically savvy as larger airlines.

Use the airline app to check in

If the airline has an app, download it. Online check-in saves you so much time, and some airlines charge extra for airport check-in. Plus, some airlines offer in-flight entertainment via their apps.

Hopefully, these quick and simple flight booking tips will help you save time and money and help you have a nicer flight and trip wherever you’re headed.

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Flight Booking Tips and Tricks (list of ten from the article)
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